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About Us
Indium Lab studio develops VR and AR projects for corporate clients in such fields as marketing, education and entertainment.
Virtual Reality (VR)
An immersive technology that simulates user's physical presence in a virtual environment by generating realistic images, sounds and other sensations. Requires special equipment such as headset, controllers, trackers etc.

In VR user gets unique experience which is often unavailable in a real life. Artificial worlds usually look very realistic.
Augmented Reality (AR)
A technology that allows to add virtual elements over the real-world environment. They are seen through the smartphone and tablet screens or while wearing special goggles.

With AR user gets live relevant information such as text, graphics, 3D objects or animation.
Fields of Application
New product launch, BTL activities, gamefication
Interactive educational modules with full immersion
Games, culture and art, organizing the events
Prototyping, business processes modeling, safety trainings
Virtual tours in real estate, interior design, choosing furniture
Interactive sightseeing, museums, navigation
Our Services
VR Solutions
Apps development for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream
AR Solutions
Apps development for iOS/Android smartphones and tablets
MR Solutions
Apps development for mixed reality goggles Microsoft HoloLens, Meta 2
How We Work
5 steps of product development
We meet a client and discuss the idea or create a new concept with VR/AR technology
We translate the concept into the design and programming language. Then we evaluate terms and budget of a project
Our artists and programmers create magic, embodying the idea into reality
We show a working prototype to potential users, collect feedback and finalize the product
We finalize the product, publish it in the app stores and provide support on demand

Fun Study is an English textbook that helps kids to learn new words, proverbs and idioms in an entertaining way. We developed a smartphone app so a child can enliven 80 pictures and listen to audio recorded by native speakers. Two characters accompany the student throughout the book.

Client: Resulta Matriz
Market: Tajikistan, Georgia, Ukraine
English textbook with AR

World football stars enliven in AR
Before a FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia local retail network "Azbuka vkusa" launched a marketing campaign "World Football Stars'18". After a purchase for a certain amount a customer could unlock a player in AR.
We've created and animated 11 virtual players with unique moves and tricks as well as a winner's trophy which can be unlocked after collecting all the squad in an app.

Client: Vkusomania
Market: Russia

VR sculptures exhibition
In May 2018 Kiev-based gallery "Mytets" hosted a very first exhibition of sculptures in VR.
We've cooperated with 8 contemporary Ukrainian artist who contributed their works for the project. We 3D-scanned them to put in a virtual environment. Several thousands of people visited the exhibition to enjoy the VR artworks.

Client: Volume Park
Market: Ukraine

In 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a new brand of the country - Ukraine NOW. We have added it to the front page of any biometric passport of Ukraine using the augmented reality. The AR effect is integrated into Facebook camera, which means no additional app is needed to view it.

Client: free
Market: Ukraine
Biometric passport with a new logo of Ukraine in AR

For the new marketing campaign of the LD brand we have developed an app with a use of augmented reality running on the promoters' tablets. For each of 3 new tastes we've created a separate app with unique animations appearing after a branded QR-code is scanned.

Client: JTI
Market: Kazakhstan
Promotion of taste capsules in augmented reality
Our Clients
We are proud to work with our clients in completely different areas
Ocean Plaza
Philip Morris
Lucky Labs
Alfa Digital
Азбука Вкуса
Resulta Matriz
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