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About our Studio
Indium Lab — Augmented & Virtual reality studio and 3D content developers.
We help corporate clients and brands to amaze their users with Wow-effect.
We produce 3D content and AR\VR development for different spheres including marketing, media, retail, education, games, facilities etc.
We develop for

Marketing of products and services
Claim your product with loud AR-promotion
Using AR technology turns the learning process into a unique experience, changes the entire education system, providing the necessary practical skills.
Ability to add interactivity to your event
Real estate
A great opportunity to see a 3D model of the project, take a walk inside your future apartment and even develop an interior design. for your future house or flat

50% of people use their phones during shopping. Augmented reality brings to life any picture, product label and storefront. Customers see brands and products in new ways.
Instagram - Facebook effects/masks
Creating Facebook effects and face masks for advertising
Our Services
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is used to advertise goods and services, visualize complex processes (engine assembly, complex mechanisms), helps to present your product at exhibitions / conferences, train employees to work with equipment, virtualize storage facilities, work situations in hazardous conditions, etc
Augmented Reality
Do you want to present to the world a new product / service, or want to add new colors to your brand? Virtual Reality will help to transfer sales to a new level
3D Content

3D content is the best way to promote your website, press, television, game or cartoon, direct marketing directly to your target audience.
- 3D modeling
- Rendering
- Animation
- 3D scanning
Motion graphics & VFX
If you are looking for a great way to tell a story, attract customers, create brand awareness, motion graphics & VFX will help you.
Computer vision

Solutions for industry, retail, medicine and manufacturing
Sculpture exhibition in Virtual Reality
Innovative for Ukraine exhibition of virtual sculptures was opened on May 11, 2018 in the gallery "Mytets", and was later demonstrated in the framework of Kyiv Art Week on May 23-26.
The exhibition presented the work of eight well-known Ukrainian artists who first worked with the technology of virtual reality (VR). Visitors could see a variety of sculptures: giant, futuristic, and even those that react to the visitor.
This project is a vivid example of the combination of modern art and emerging technologies in Ukraine.
Each sculpture is a reflection of the artist's fantasy, and most of them do not exist physically. Some sculptures were initially scanned in 3D using photogrammetry and surface scanning.
We took care to convey the physicist-realistic behavior of the materials. After that, art objects were optimized specifically for VR.
World football stars in AR

"World football stars" - large-scale campaign for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in the network of supermarkets «Azbuka Vkusa»
11 virtual characters with unique animation come to life in Augmented Reality. By collecting the whole team, the user received the Cup.
English Dictionary with Augmented Reality

Fun Study is an English textbook that helps children learn new words, proverbs and idioms in a fun way. With the help of a smartphone application developed by us, a child can revive 80 pictures and listen to audio recorded by native speakers. Two characters accompany the student throughout the book.
Facebook AR effect "Ukraine Now"

In 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the new brand of the country Ukraine NOW. We added it to the cover of a biometric international passport using augmented reality. AR effect is integrated into the Facebook camera, so no third-party applications need to be downloaded.
Passport with AR Ukraine Now
Facebook AR effect "VersaDesk"

Marketing campaign for the American manufacturer of electronic tables VersaDesk.
The customer got an opportunity to choose the color, a complete set directly in his interior. To do this, you did not need to download the application, but just open Facebook and run FB Effect.
Facebook AR Desk
Facebook face mask "Ukraine" for football fans

A simple but unusual way to provide an opportunity to express support to your team using unique filters on your official Facebook page of FC.
Facebook AR mask "Ukraine"
Facebook face mask "Larry"

Try on yourself the likeness of Larry Fine from the American comedy Three Stooges.
When you open your mouth, the world-famous phrase sounds ♬
Facebook AR Face mask Larry
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