Sculpture exhibition in Virtual Reality
Innovative for Ukraine exhibition of virtual sculptures was opened on May 11, 2018 in the gallery "Mytets", and was later demonstrated in the framework of Kyiv Art Week on May 23-26.
The exhibition presented the work of eight well-known Ukrainian artists who first worked with the technology of virtual reality (VR). Visitors could see a variety of sculptures: giant, futuristic, and even those that react to the visitor.
This project is a vivid example of the combination of modern art and emerging technologies in Ukraine.
Each sculpture is a reflection of the artist's fantasy, and most of them do not exist physically. Some sculptures were initially scanned in 3D using photogrammetry and surface scanning.
We took care to convey the physicist-realistic behavior of the materials. After that, art objects were optimized specifically for VR.
MauAR - Berliner Mauer

An official app for the anniversary "30 years fall of the wall" 2019
The wall history also experience outside Berlin!

The Berlin Wall divided a city for decades and fell 30 years ago. Parts of it are hardly preserved as a memorial.

MauAR does not want this piece of Berlin history to be forgotten by making the division more tangible. Augmented Reality (AR) makes it possible to take you back in time. Look through the camera of the phone and see the Berlin Wall and its history.

Part of the wall is shown at the place where you are. Also at home. You get the best visual result when there is a lot of space, for example outdoors.
English Dictionary with Augmented Reality
Fun Study is an English textbook that helps children learn new words, proverbs and idioms in a fun way. With the help of a smartphone application developed by us, a child can revive 80 pictures and listen to audio recorded by native speakers. Two characters accompany the student throughout the book.
World football stars in AR
"World football stars" - large-scale campaign for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in the network of supermarkets «Azbuka Vkusa»
11 virtual characters with unique animation come to life in Augmented Reality. By collecting the whole team, the user received the Cup.
FunLight Attraction

You find yourself in a place where all the sounds of the universe are collected. Be smart and teamwork to create your own Music from them. We created attraction of interactive projections using the CAVE system.

You control the game with the help of body movements, because the walls and the floor are a continuous interactive surface.

MVP of using foot tracking in VR
A year 2020 made quite big changes to our everyday life, entertainment, training, education and medicine

In one project we've combined entertainment and medicine, dancing, football training and rehabilitation
- Players needs to recover from injuries as well as keep feet after diseases
- The best rehabilitologistand the patient can both be connected too VR and the specialist can remotely help to restore health

Ukraine Now
In 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the new brand of the country Ukraine NOW. We added it to the cover of a biometric international passport using augmented reality. AR effect is integrated into the Facebook camera, so no third-party applications need to be downloaded.
Product advertisement
Marketing campaign for the American manufacturer of electronic tables VersaDesk.
The customer got an opportunity to choose the color, a complete set directly in his interior. To do this, you did not need to download the application, but just open Facebook and run FB Effect.

Try on yourself the likeness of Larry Fine from the American comedy Three Stooges.
When you open your mouth, the world-famous phrase sounds ♬
Larry Fine♬
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